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JSI Tip 1722. How do I use MAPISEND.EXE with the AT scheduler?


includes Mapisend.exe, which is a 32-bit command line utility to send mail messages and file attachments.

To schedule this program, you must:

1. Change the Scheduler to use a domain user account. I prefer using a Domain Admin user. See tip 0243.

2. In Control Panel / Mail and Fax, create a profile called MAPISEND and add the Exchange Server service to it.

3. Make sure that the account in step 1 can use mailbox you specified in step 2. Use Exchange Sever Administrator to select the mailbox Properties and on the Permissions page, give the mailbox Send As or Mailbox Owner permissions. On the Tools / Options / Permissions, select the proper options so that the Permissions page dispays the user rights for each mailbox object.

4. Create a batch file to schedule that contains:

mapisend.exe -u MAPISEND -p <password> - r recipients -s subject

NOTE: Mapisend.exe requires a password to prevent it from failing, but it is not used for anything else.

5. Logon to Windows NT as the domain\user from step 1. Schedule the job using the /interactive switch.

6. Mapisend.exe requires that you remain logged on for the scheduled job to work. You can autolog and immediately lock the server using tips 0302 and 1165.

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