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JSI Tip 1705. Ping works, but you can't connect to a WWW, FTP, or Telnet server over RAS?

When you use RAS and the PPP and TCP/IP protocols are enabled, you can use PING and TRACERT, but you can't connect to a WWW, FTP, or Telnet server.

You may have Software Header Compression enabled and it is not compatible with the PPP server or router you are using.

Disable Software Header Compression (AKA VJ Header compression):

1. Select your ISP entry in the Phonebook.

2. Click More, click Edit entry and modem properties, and click Server.

3. Press TCP/IP Settings.

4. Clear the Use IP Header compression check box.

5. Click OK, OK, and Close.

PING and TRACERT work because they don't use TCP/IP to test connectivity, they use ICMP packets.

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