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JSI Tip 1646. Single letter in NT and IE Explorer Title Bar.

If the NT Explorer or IE Explorer Title Bar displays a single character, you probably have Internet Explorer 5 installed, with Active Desktop, and you are using Mijenix ZipMagic 98 and/or eFax HotSend. This same behavior will result from running Documagix Papermaster 98 with IE5, even if Active Destop is not enabled.

To resolve the problem, terminate the Zm32nt.exe, Pwatch.exe, and/or HotTray.exe process using Task Manager. Remove these programs from the Startup folder.

Note: Papermaster only effects the IE5 title bar, placing PM98 in the upper left corner.

Note: Either IE5, Active Desktop, or the 3rd party application must be removed to resolve this problem.

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