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JSI Tip 1542. Error while uninstalling Exchange from SBS 4.5.

When you attempt to uninstall Exchange (version 5.5 SP2) from SBS 4.5, you receive:

Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point UIDecodeEUC_KR@24 could not be located in the dynamic library GAPI32.dll.

The problem is that the unistall runs setup from the SBS CD-ROM and this causes Gap132.ddl to be loaded from the CD_ROM. Unfortuneatley, the version on your HD came from SP2, while the CD-ROM one is from SP1.

To perform the uninstall:

Rename c:\winnt\system32\gapi32.dll *.old
copy <CD-ROM:>\server\setup\I386\gapi32.dll c:\winnt\system32

Then perform the uninstall.

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