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JSI Tip 1531. Remote W95 dialin clients must be quick to gain SNA server access.

Slow users will receive SnaBase not started, when using the SNA 3270 or SNA 5250 applets.

How slow is slow?

When the SNA 3270 or SNA 5250 applet is invoked on the W95 client, SnaBase waits for the connection to the SNA server to complete within the StartTimeOut time limit, which defaults to 60 seconds. If the W95 user hasn't logged onto the domain by then, the error message is generated.

To allow these already challenged clients more time, use Regedit (on the W95 client) to navigate to:


Alter (or add) the StartTimeOut value name, a type REG_DWORD value, and increase the time out from the 60 second default to something the client can handle. You might try 90 seconds.

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