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JSI Tip 1465. Spooler Service hangs?

If your Spooler service stops responding, and your System Event Log contains messages similar to:

Spoolss.exe. Initialization of the dynamic link library failed.

%SystemRoot%\System32\Hpbcom.dll failed - the process is terminating abnormally.

You are running W95 printer software on your WinNT computer (Hpbcom.dll file is part of the HP JetAdmin software for Windows 95 or Windows 98).

To fix the problem, unistall the JetAdmin software:

1. Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add/Remove

2. Select the JetAdmin software from the list and click Add/Remove.

3. Click Yes, click Yes when prompted to remove shared files that are no longer in use.

4. Click Yes to restart your computer.

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