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JSI Tip 1348. How do I keep users out of Exchange while I perform maintenance?

To keep user out of Exchange while you perform maintenance or an upgrade:

1. Stop the Information Store Service on the Exchange Server.

2. Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


3. On the Edit menu, Add Value name Logon Only As as a type REG_MULTI_SZ value.

4. In the Multi-String Editor, type one line for each allowed user. Example:


5. Exit Regedt32 and Start the Information Store Service.

When a non-listed user tries to connect to the Information Store, they are greeted with:

The set of folders could be opened. The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server has failed

NOTE: If you leave the Logon Only As string blank, no one can connect.

NOTE: When you are done performing your maintenance:

    Stop the Information Store Service.

    Delete the Logon Only As value name.

    Start the Information Store Service.

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