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JSI Tip 1232. Common Exchange Client problems.

W9x Exchange Client startup:

Q155048 - XCLN: Troubleshooting Startup of Windows Client.
Q136516 - XCLN: Improving Windows Client Startup Times.
Q152344 - XCLN: Winsock Application Starts When Exchange Client Starts.


Q161468 - XCLN: Troubleshooting Client Memory Issues on Windows 3.x.

Working Offline (OSTs):

Q156304 - XCLN: Err Msg: The Set of Folders Could Not Be Opened.
Q159183 - XADM: Err Msgs About Previously Deleted Msgs in Sync Log.
Q161889 - XCLN: OST and PST Quick Reference.
Q161725 - OL97: What Are Offline Folders and How Do You Use Them?
Q172072 - OL97: Troubleshooting Synchronization Problems.
Q162046 - OL97: Remote Mail, Offline Folders, and Working Offline.

Cannot connect:

Q155048 - XCLN: Troubleshooting Startup of Windows Client Using TCP/IP.
Q163576 - XGEN: Changing the RPC Binding Order.
Q161626 - XCLN: Troubleshooting IPX/SPX Connections.

Exchange Profile:

Q163589 - XCLN: Restoring from an OST after Deleting the Mailbox on Server.
Q189126 - Microsoft's Policy Regarding Missing or Invalid Passwords.
Q148198 - XADM: Where Newprof.exe Gets the Username.
Q159504 - XCLN: Profgen.exe Fails to Replace MailBoxName.


Q149527 - XCLN: Can't Add Fax Service After Installing E - XChange.
Q157632 - XADM: Client Hangs or Prompts for Domain Credentials.
Q161866 - XCLN: Stopping Windows 3.x Clients from Prompting for a Domain.
Q162544 - Troubleshooting Remote Function of E - XChange and Schedule+.
Q156290 - XCLN Forms Designer Hangs Attempting To Install Project File.

Active Server Pages:

Q167003 - XWEB: Troubleshooting Active Server Components.
Q173470 - XCLN: Troubleshooting "Failed to get Inbox" Error Message.
Q178761 - XWEB: Attachments Produce JavaScript Errors in Browser.


Q149596 - XCLN: Configuring Client for TCP/IP.

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