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JSI Tip 1216. Outlook 98 may not install properly on Terminal Server.

If Office 97 is installed on Terminal Server (with Outlook 97) and then upgraded to Outlook 98, the install is successful.

If Outlook 98 is installed from scratch, you will find the Actions menu to be blank and no menu will appear when you right-click messages.

To install Outlook 98 on Terminal Server:

01. Create a local administrative user named Installer.

02. Log on as Installer at the console.

03. At a command prompt, type: change user /install.

04. Install Outlook 98.

05. Restart the Terminal Server, after the installation finishes.

06. Log on as Installer.

07. At a command prompt, type: change user /install.

08. Run Outlook 98.

09. Exit Outlook 98.

10. Rename %SystemRoot%\Application compatibility scripts\Install\Office97.cmd to Office97.old.

11. Edit the Office97.old file, modifying line 24 as follows:

    ..\ACRegL %Temp%\O97.Cmd O97INST "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\8.0\Common\InstallRoot" "OfficeBin" "STRIPCHAR\1"
12. Rename Office97.old back to Office97.cmd.

13. Run the Office97.cmd script.

14. Log off.

Outlook 98 should work normally for all users (except Installer).

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