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JSI Tip 1213. Free upgrade from SBS 4.0 to SBS 4.5.

Microsoft is offering a free upgrade at

Unlike the retail product, this free version does not include Microsoft Office 2000.

To upgrade (quoting Microsoft):

1. Microsoft strongly recommends backing up the SBS server prior to upgrading. 

   Microsoft always recommends backing up a server prior to upgrading the
   software that is running on it. Backing up the SBS server can be accomplished
   using a tape backup device and the Backup utility software (click Start,
   click Programs, click Administrative Tools (Common), and then click Backup).

2. Write down the Company name, Address, Telephone, and Fax numbers as you want 
   them to appear in the Company Information screen.

3. Document the password for the Administrator's account. This password will be 
   needed during the upgrade process.

Steps to upgrade the server: 

1. Log on to the SBS server as Administrator. 

2. Close all open or running applications on the server. 

3. Disconnect all users from the server. (In the Console, click Tasks, click 

   Manage Users, click Manage Connected Users, and then click Disconnect All

4. Insert the Small Business Server 4.5 Disc 1. The Microsoft BackOffice Small 
   Business Server window should appear. Click Small Business Server Setup to

5. Complete the upgrade as prompted. 

For a step by step guide to the setup process, see chapter 12 in the "SBS 4.5 - Start Here Guide." 

For more information about how Microsoft products are affected by year 2000 (Y2K) issues, 
please see the following Microsoft World Wide Web site:
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