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JSI Tip 1204. SBS Client Setup Disk.

When you create a Client Setup Disk in the Setup Computer Wizard, SBS copies the setup program and a Netparam.ini script to the client disk.

Netparam.ini contains information about your SBS installation (TCP/IP settings, installed applications, DHCP Server, etc.).

Netparam.ini can NOT be run across the network.

When you run the setup diskette on a client, it:

• Detects the client NIC.

• Configures the TCP/IP settings for obtaining an IP Adress from DHCP.

• Sets the client Domain/Workgroup name.

• Sets the client sharing level.

After the client computer is restarted:

• Applications are installed.

• A shortcut to the clients home directory is created on the desktop.

• A shortcut to the Company Shared Folders directory is created on the desktop.

• Internet Explorer is configured to start with a home page of the Client Online Guide.

• The client logon script is generated and stored on the Netlogon share of the SBS server.

NOTE: You can subsequently modify the logon script.

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