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JSI Tip 1151. How do I disable the detection of a display adapter during an unattended install?

Due to monitor limitations, you may want to disable detection of your display adapter during an unattended install.

To use the default VGA driver, modify your answer file:

      OemPreinstall = Yes

      InstallDriver = 1
      ConfigureAtLogon = 0
      BitsPerPel = 4
      XResolution = 640
      YResolution = 480
      VRefresh = 60
      AutoConfirm = 1

      "Standard VGA (640x480, 16 colors)" = "RETAIL"

To find the text string to use in the \[DisplayDrivers\] sections, search for VGA in the Txtsetup.sif file:

       forcevga = "Standard VGA (640x480, 16 colors)",files.none

On the above example, RETAIL indicates that the driver is on the Windows NT CD-ROM, while OEM means that it is provided by a third party manufacturer.

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