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JSI Tip 1093. SBS client setup: Setup was unable to load the master information file.

If you receive:

   Setup was unable to open the information file
   Contact your system administrator. The Specific error code is ## at line

   Setup was unable to load the master information file.

   The Application could not be initialized.
when you run a client setup disk, preform the following steps:

On the Client Machine:

1. Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server / Add/Remove

2. Clear the check box on all except Microsoft Small Business Client. Ignore any errors and continue through all steps.

3. If prompted to remove any shared files, don't.

4. Click Next to continue.

5. Delete Startcli.log from the root of your drive.

6. Shutdown and restart.

On the Server:

1. Delete <Drive:>\SmallBusiness\Clients\RESPONSE\<ClientComputerName>

You can now setup the client.

NOTE: You must create a new client setup disk for each computer to be added on your SBS network.

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