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JSI Tip 1046. How do I move a fault tolerant set from one computer to another?

The target computer may not already have a fault tolerant set defined.

On the source computer, use Disk Admininstrator to choose Partition / Configuration / Save and insert a formated floppy.

Use Regedt32 to navigate to:


and delete the Disk key.

Shutdown and remove the disks that comprise the volume set, stripe set, or mirrored drive.

Install this hardware in the target computer.

Boot the target computer and in Disk Administrator, restore the floppy using Partition / Configuration / Restore.

Exist Disk Administrator and use Regedt32 to delete the Disk key. Use Disk Administrator to set any drive letters and/or other configuration information and save it to a new floppy.

If you wish to move part of a fault tolerant set, you will need to use FTDISK from Supplement 4 of the Resource Kit.

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