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JSI Tip 1043. Error 2022 replicating to many Workstations.

If your event log records:

   Date:                  Event ID:  2022
   Time:                  Source:    Srv
   User:      N/A         Type:      Warning
   Computer:  NTSERVER    Category:  None

   The server was unable to find a free connection 4 times in the last
   60 seconds.

   Data: Words:
   0000: 00000000 00480003 00000000 800007e6
   0010: 00000000 c000009a 00000000 00000000
   0020: 00000000 00000000
every 15 minutes, you are probably replicating files to 40+ Workstations.

You can try tip 052 and tip 1012.

If these don't resolve the problem, use RoboCopy.

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