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JSI Tip 1041. How to replace a video card.

When replacing a video card on your Windows NT platform, you must install the new driver, prior to installing the new card.

If you don't, you will receive:

       At least one service or driver failed during system startup. Use Event Viewer
       to examine the event log for details

When you clear the above message by clicking OK, the following message appears:

       A new graphics driver has been installed. The default display
       resolution from the driver has been temporarily used by the system.
       Please use the Display option in the Windows NT Control Panel to select
       your preferred display resolution

To workaround this problem:

. Control Panel / Display.

. Click the Settings tab and Display type.

. Click Detect and when prompted, click Yes.

. Restart your computer when instructed to do so.

. When Windows NT reports that the video card was detected, click OK.

. Control Panel / Display.

. Use the Settings tab to set resolution and color depth.

. Click OK.

. Restart your computer if instructed to do so.

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