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JSI Tip 0859. Post SP4 Hotfix Knowledge Base Articles (as of 17-Nov-98).

  Q Number       T i t l e   
  Q192297     Applications May Fail with Access Violation During File Open  
  Q193333     Netmon Fails on Multiprocessor Windows NT Server Under Stress  
  Q193361     Msgina.dll Not Resetting WINLOGON Structure  
  Q193763     GetFileAttributes API May Return Invalid Return Code  
  Q194830     Unicode Character Display Problem in Full-screen MS-DOS Session  
  Q194831     File Share Resource Enhancements and Dynamic Updates  
  Q194918     XCOPY /D Uses Universal Time, not Local Time, to Filter Files  
  Q194962     WINS Admin UI Overlaps Fields in Show Mappings Dialog Box  
  Q195123     AV in DNS Server when Enumerating a Zone w/ WK Resource Records  
  Q195144     Copying Files with Mix of LFN and SFN May Lead to Data Loss  
  Q195319     Inherit User Config Option Does Not Work for Modem Callback  
  Q195469     STOP 0xEFFFFFFF Exception in OLE Servers with Multiple Clients  
  Q195508     Devices Tool Hangs When Clicking HW Profile for I20 Bus Driver  
  Q195541     Large Number of Mounts/Dismounts on NTFS Causes Memory Leak  
  Q195582     FPNW Leaks Memory in BindLibGetInfo  
  Q195611     DNS Client Does Not Try All Servers in DNS Service List  
  Q195612     Local Named Object Is Mistakenly Created in Global Name Space  
  Q195640     Split Horizon with Poison Reverse Causes Incorrect RIP Updates  
  Q195725     Intermediate Network Driver Causes STOP 0x0000001E on MP PC  

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