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JSI Tip 0830. HFX is a new HOTFIX manager.

Future HOTFIXs will be delivered with HFX, which allows you to install, remove, or find information about installed HOTFIXs.

When you run HFX, the installed products appear in a drop down list. Currently, only Windows NT HOTFIXs are supported, so the drop down list of products only contains Windows NT.

For the selected product, a tree lists the installed service pack and any HOTFIXs. For HFX installed fixes, you can double click the Qnumber to see the files it contains. You can click on the Properties button to see a description of the HOTFIX, when it was installed, and who installed it.

If a fix is distributed with HFX, running HFX from the expanded HOTFIX will allow you to click Install. When you click OK, the fix is installed.

To uninstall a HFX installed HOTFIX, select it in the tree and click Uninstall.

When you install a Service pack or a newer product version (Windows 2000), pressing the Clean Up button in HFX will remove all previous HOTFIX information.

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