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JSI Tip 0810. Calculator changes in SP4.

Starting with SP4, the Calculator clears the display when switching between Standard and Scientific views.

To transfer the number between views:

1. Click MS to store the number displayed.

2. Switch views by using the View menu.

3. Click MR to recall the stored number.

Note: If you switch from Scientific to Standard view, non-base10 numbers will be automatically converted to base10.

The calculator now supports Extended Precision.

1. Rational numbers are stored as fractions.

2. Irrational numbers are accurate to 32 digitis.

When performing non-base10 calculations, the calculator displays only the lower-most digits of the answer.

Full Word numbers can contain hex FFFF.
Double Word numbers can contains hex FFFFFFFF.

If you multiply FFFF (65,535) by 2, the result is hex 1FFFE. The calculator will display FFFE.

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