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JSI Tip 0751. What is your Startup Failure issue?

Microsoft has a page entitled What is your Startup Failure issue? The page contains the following topics:

Cannot boot Windows NT from CD-ROM 

Computer may not boot with CD-ROM installed 

Computers with 4 GB or more of RAM cannot boot Windows NT 4.0 

Dualboot of WinNT 4.0 & 3.51 fails after NT 3.5x Service Pack install 

How to: Disable a third party device/service that prevents NT from booting 

Incorrect memory size reported in Windows NT 4.0 

Missing NTDETECT.COM file during startup 

Ntdetect message appears twice during system startup 

NTLDR is missing from the root directory 

Shell does not start after logon 

Toshiba T4900CT laptop hangs at NTDETECT 

Windows NT 4.0 with more than 4 CPUs may stall and reboot after 4 hours 

Windows NT seems to hang during boot and slow performance 

Windows NT Startup Boot Menu does not appear 

Windows NT will not boot after installing DOS 6.2x 

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