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JSI Tip 0746. More on Unattended Setup

In tips 214, 354, 203, 229, 435, and 571, I provided tips about an Unattended Install.

Microsoft has explained the following topics:

How to: Add the legal notice upon logon for Unattended Setup.
How to: Automatically log on after an unattended Setup.
How to: Change the default installation drive using unattended Setup.
How to: Install LPR ports with unattended Setup.
How to: Install OEM video drivers with unattended Setup.
How to: Perform unattended setup of Windows NT 4.0.
How to: Set default screen saver for all users by an unattended install.
How to: Set the Administrator password in unattended WinNT 4.0 Setup.
How to: Set up an additional service during an unattended setup.

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