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JSI Tip 0727. You can not communicate with your Netware Server using IPX/SPX

When the NWLink IPX/SPX protocol is installed, it uses the 802.2 frame type for Ethernet and the Token_Ring frame type for Token Ring networks, by default. If you are unable to communicate properly:

1. On the Netware server system console, check the frame type:

     load edit sys:system\autoexec.ncf
     Note the frame type on the line that looks similar to:
     Load EXP16 int=5 port=300 frame=Ethernet_802.2 Name=EtherExpress
     Note the network number:
     Bind IPX to Etherexpress Net=9D999400

2. In Windows NT, use Control Panel / Network / Protocol / NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport / Properties

3. Click the proper adapter on the General tab and click Manual Frame Type Detection.

4. Click Add and selected the appropriate fame type and enter the network number.

5. Click OK and Close

6. Shutdown and restart your computer.

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