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JSI Tip 0666 - Problems with True Type fonts?

If programs don't list True Type fonts, or documents print differently, or the text is smaller, or desktop settings have changed fonts, or True Type fonts are not listed in your font folder (%SystemRoot%\Fonts) or Windows NT reports that the font is already installed when you try to add a new True Type font, the registry key that defines True Type fonts may be missing or corrupt.

To fix this problem:

1. Move all the fonts to a temporary new folder.

2. Attrib -r -h +s %SystemRoot%\Fonts

3. If HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts exists, delete the Fonts key.

4. Add the Fonts key with a null Class.

5. Control Panel / Fonts / File menu / Install New Font.

6. Select the folder from step 1.

7. Make sure that Copy fonts to Font folder is checked.

8. Press the Select All button and click OK.

If your documents still don't print correctly, remove and reinstall the appropriate printer driver.

You may want to look at tip 542.

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