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JSI Tip 0443 - Freeware NT User Wizard.


Microsoft has written a freeware NT User Wizard. Here is the readme, which you can also download:

The NT User Wizard is an administration utility built for use with Windows NT Server 4.0. The NT User Wizard allows you to import user lists and automatically set up mail accounts, NT logon accounts, groups, and permissions. Save hours, even days of time in setting up and administering accounts.

The NT User Wizard allows you to create a single user account, or hundreds of accounts in a single batch process. Accounts created by the NT User Wizard can incorporate nearly all of the elements provided by the NT User Manager. In general, the process is as follows:

1. Create a list of users. You could do this by exporting an existing list of usernames to a delimited text file. The NT User Wizard can import a comma- or tab-delimited text file. If Microsoft Excel version 5.0 or higher is installed on the same machine as the NT User Wizard, you can use any file format that Microsoft Excel can import. Information contained in this file should at a minimum include, FirstName, LastName, UserName and Password.

2. Start the NT User Wizard. You must be logged on to the server as a member of the server's local Administrator's group.

3. Choose Import and create new user accounts from the main menu, then click on Next.

4. Click on Browse to open the Find Import File dialog. Locate and select the import file containing the user information for the accounts you want to create, then choose OK.

5. Click on Next.

6. The import specification tells the wizard in which order the data appears in the import file, selected in the previous step. Select the import specification associated with your import file, or choose New to create a new import format. If you selected new, specify which order the data appears in your import file and save the specification under whichever name you wish. Then click on Next.

7. (optional) Select an existing user account to use as a template for the new user accounts. For further detailed help on the use of template accounts, please see the NT User Wizard online help, by clicking the help button at any time.

8. Click on Next.

9. (optional) Select a location for the creation of user home directories.

10. Click on Next.

11. Select the group in which you want the new users to be added, then click on Next.

12. (optional) Choose whether or not to create a Microsoft Exchange mailbox for each user. This option will be available only if Microsoft Exchange 4.0/5.0 is installed on your NT Server, and the Exchange services are running.

13. Click on Next.

14. Click on Finish to complete the process. The NT User Wizard will import the file, create the users, and automatically log any errors to the NT Event Log.

In addition to creating users, the NT User Wizard can:

1. Delete users singly or in batch.
2. Manage groups
3. Assign permissions to printer and disk shares

*Note: If you already have Microsoft Communications Tools for Schools and the NT User Wizard installed on your Windows NT Server, you do not need this NT User Wizard.

**Note: Additional help may be obtained by clicking the Help button at any time.

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