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JSI Tip 0433 - Logon Scripts and Directory Replication.

If you have a BDC (Backup Domain Controller) or if you use SMS (System Management Server), you must replicate the logon scripts.

Following is a list of Knowledge Base articles (see tip 144) about the most common replication problems:

 Q101473    Replication Overview in the Windows NT Operating System  
 Q101602    Configuring Windows NT for Replication  
 Q104204    Troubleshooting the Directory Replication Service  
 Q132522    Quick Directory Replication Troubleshooting Tip  
 Q152083    Replicator Service Failed Due to Improper Login Account  
 Q120582    Directory Replicator Service Will Not Start  
 Tip 273    Little Know DOS trick assists logon scripts  

If you use SMS, the Automatically Configure Workstation Logon Scripts option allows SMS to update the Windows NT Server scripts for each user, and to amend the NetWare system logon scripts on all servers within the site. The SMS client software information is passed from the site server to the SMS logon servers. When a user logs on, the client software is installed, inventory is taken, and passed back to the SMS logon servers and from there to the database on the site server.

 Q123318    Checklist for Enabling SMS in Logon Scripts  
 Q138348    Manually Copying SMS Login Script Files  
 Q121388    Controlling LM and NT Logon Script Configurations with SMS  
 Q150878    SMS Added to NetWare Login Script Twice  
 Q134970    Login Scripts are Not Modified on NetWare Servers  
 Q148944   Login Script Without Extension Will Not Be Modified  
 Q154722    Administrator and Guest Accounts Are Not Modified  

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