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JSI Tip 0421 - How do I create a Mandatory Profile for my Windows 95 users?

To create a manadatory profile for Windows 95 users, you must perform the following steps:

1. You must share the user home directory, not the C:\Users directory. See the The one hidden share for each user approach in tip 400.

2. In User Manager for Domains, set H: (or any other drive letter) to the UNC path of the home directory (\\ServerName\UserName or \\ServerName\UserName$).

3. Grant the user (only the user) Full Control or Change permissions on the share.

4. Create a JSI_MODEL user and log on to the Windows 95 computer as JSI_MODEL.

5. Click Start / Settings / Control Panel. Double-click the Passwords icon and click the User Profiles tab. Select the Users can customize their preferences and desktop settings. Windows switches to your personal settings whenever you log in radial button. Click OK.
   Note: This is not the default setting.

6. Customize JSI_MODEL with all the settings that you want for the mandatory profile and log off to create the User.dat in JSI_MODEL's home directory.

7. On the Windows NT Server, rename the User.dat file to and copy it to each Windows 95 user's home directory. Don't forget to configure them as per step 2.

8. When the Windows 95 computer is restarted and a user logs on, they will receive the mandatory profile.

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