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JSI Tip 0406 - Frequently asked questions about SBS.

Q. Can I connect Small Business Server to an existing ISP that is not on the ISP referral server so that I can get Internet Email?

A. Yes. Instructions for this can be found, you will also find information on what is required from the ISP in order to support the features of Small Business Server.

Q. Can fax server be installed onto an existing Windows NT Server?

A. No. Fax Server can only be installed onto Small Business Server.

Q. How can I get the full version of Windows NT?

A. An upgrade disk can be purchased that provides this upgrade. It was just released. JSI part# 454237 at The standard version of Windows NT cannot be installed onto the Small Business Server. This results in a crash because the Service Pack 3 files are over written.

Q. What are the limitations of Small Business Server versus the standard version of Windows NT?

A. The SBS limitations for Windows NT are no trusts, 25 users maximum, Small Business Server must be a Primary Domain Controller. SQL Server has a 1gig database size limit with only one database permitted. Exchange is the standard single site version and cannot have a single global address list across multiple sites. Exchange cannot replicate stores across sites.

Q. What if I already have Windows NT and/or Exchange/IIS/Proxy?

A. If the customer already has Windows NT they must recreate the user accounts for Small Business Server. Existing data can be backed up and restored for existing applications such as the Exchange message stores and other data. The customer can start from scratch or have a dual boot system between Small Business Server and the previous version of Windows NT. Small Business Server is a completely separate installation.

Q. Can other servers be added to the Small Business Server network?

A. Yes. Backup Domain Controllers and stand alone servers can be added as well as NetWare, Unix, OS2, etc. As long as a protocol exists to connect them, they can be on the same network. Gateway Services for NetWare is in Small Business Server and can be used to connect existing Novell servers just as with Windows NT 4.0.

Q. Where can I purchase Small Business Server? Nobody seems to have it in stock?

A. JSI has all the various part numbers at

Q. Can I upgrade the 2 user Preview Version I got with the Direct Access Reseller Kit/SBS Launch event?

A. No. This product is not upgradable due to the licenses. Standard NFR (Not For Resale) 5 user versions can be upgraded.

Q. Will fax server be sold separately?

A. No. Telecom Fax is available at

Q. Do I need to install Service Packs? How do I do it?

A. The latest Service Packs for all applications are included in Small Business Server as of the time of release.

See KB article Q151419 for a list of documentation errors.

Q. How do I upgrade from version 4.0 to version 4.0a

A. See KB article Q179729.

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