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JSI Tip 0383 - Printing fails occassionally with heavy traffic, multiple printers, and the Line Printer Daemon (LPD) service.

If you have the latest Service Pack, you can change the default TCP ports (721-731) for LPR connections. A registry hack will allow ports >1024 to be used for LPR connections (this deviates from RFC 1179). The registry setting is configured on a per LPR port basis. To implement, navigate to:


Add Value name IP address of LPR printer as type REG_DWORD. A data value of 0 uses the default (ports 721-731) while a data value of 1 enables ports >1024.

At a minimum, you need to stop and restart the spooler service. Type:

   net stop spooler
   net start spooler

If this doesn't work, a reboot is required.

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