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JSI Tip 0361 - Windows NT and/or Windows 95 client fails Netware login.

If you have Client or Gateway Services for Netware installed, your Netware login may fail with:

   You Cannot Be Authenticated On <server name> Due To The Following Reason:
   Logon Failure: Account Currently Disabled.
   Do You Want To Select Another Preferred Server?

This will happen if:

- Your Microsoft UserName and your Netware log on ID are the same.
- Your Microsoft password is different than your Netware password
- The Netware Intruder Detection/Lockout is set to lockout user accounts after 1 incorrect login attempt.

Windows NT and Windows 95 use the Microsoft password for the first attempt at logging on to other network resources. Because the lockout is set to 1, the account will be disabled after the first bad attempt.

Set the Incorrect Logon Attempts in the Intruder Detection/Lockout on the NetWare server to something greater than 1 attempt.

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