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JSI Tip 0337 - Common registry entries for networking programs.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Network\<Program name> contains configuration data that is common for programs that view and maintain the network. <Program Name> are sub-keys like Browser Monitor, Event Viewer, Server Manager, User Manager, etc...

All the entries are type REG_SZ.

 Value   Default        D e s c r i p t i o n 
 SaveSettings   1   1=Options are saved and the user's choices are restored when the user starts the program again. 0=Options are not saved. This entry needs to be 1 for most other entries to work. 
 Confirmation   1   Is confirmation for deletion or changes required? 0=No, 1=Yes. 
 FontFaceName   none   Font used if different than default. 
 FontHeight   0   0=use the default point size for the font. 
 FontItalic   0   1=italic, 0=not italic. 
 FontWeight   0   0=use the default font wieght, 400=Standard weight, 700=Bold, 900=Heavy. 
 SortOrder   depends
 for Event Viewer 0=Oldest first, 1 (default)=Newest first
 for User Manager 0=sort by full name, 1 (default)=sort by username.
 Window   PosX PosY
 SizX SizY
 4 pixel coordinates that define the size and position of the window followed by 0 if the windows was not minimized when closed, 1 if minimized. 

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