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JSI Tip 0306 - Free tools available in ZAK.

The Zero Administration Kit contains some useful free tools:

Floplock  - This tool is used to prevent use of the floppy disk drive (even after rebooting) using DACL (Discretionary Access Control Lists). If this service is configured to start up automatically, only administrators and power users can access the floppy disk drive in Windows NT Workstation, and only administrators can access the floppy disk drive in Windows NT Server.

Con2Prt  - This tool provides scriptable functionality to the Add Printer Wizard so that printers can be added or removed from the command line using a script.

FixPrf    - Windows Messaging does not automatically use the currently logged on user name when it is started. The FixPrf tool forces the Windows Messaging client to load with the user name of the user logging in.

Additional information is available in the Zero Administration Kit Administrators Guide.

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