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JSI Tip 0267 - Has your Fonts folder lost functionality?

If you select the %SystemRoot%\Fonts folder in explorer, the menus should change to include:

File menu:
- Open
- Print
- Install New Font

View menu:

- List Fonts By Similarity
- Hide Variations (Bold, Italics, Etc.)

You have used TweakUI to repair the Fonts but to no avail.

The functionality of the Fonts folder depends upon:

- The System attribute being set.
- A valid Fontext.dll being present in %SystemRoot%\System32.
- A valid Desktop.ini in the Fonts folder (you can not see this file using explorer).

To repair the Fonts functionality:

- At a command prompt, type:
      CD %SystemRoot%
      attrib +s fonts

- Expand the Fontext.dll from the NT CD-ROM:
      expand <Drive:>\i386\fontext.dl_ %SystemRoot%\system32\fontext.dll

- Expand Desktop.ini from the NT CD-ROM:
      expand <Drive:>\i386\Desktop.in_ %SystemRoot%\Fonts\Desktop.ini

Shutdown and restart Windows NT.

Note: This procedure might also fix a Missing TrueType tab when you use options /view in the Fonts folder and may correct an incomplete Fonts list in some applications.

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