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JSI Tip 0250 - Long startup time and/or more flaky logon/share problems.

If you experience long Windows NT startups or have problems with shares (viewing, creating, mapping) or other logon problems, you may have messed up the default permissions on the LanmanServer registry keys.

The default permissions on this key (and it's sub-keys) should be:

Administrators   Full Control
System             Full Control
Everyone          Special Access
                                 Query Value
                                 Create Subkey
                                 Enumerate Subkeys
                                 Read Control

To set these permissions, use the Windows NT Registry Editor, REGEDT32.EXE, and select:


From the Security menu, click Permissions. When you select Special Access for Everyone, you may need to double click the Everyone   Special Access line to get the Special Access sub menu.

Don't forget to check the Replace Permission on Existing Subkeys box.

You may wish to see Tip 162 for additional Flaky logon problems.

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