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JSI Tip 0227 - Does SETUP.EXE cause an exception when you logon?

When you logon to Windows NT, you receive a SETUP.EXE exception. You have used tip 147 and tip 016 but SETUP.EXE is not configured to run????

Windows NT always calls %SystemRoot%\System32\SETUP.EXE when you logon. If the NT version of SETUP.EXE was replaced by another application, various exceptions will occur.

As of 30-Aug-1997, the version of SETUP.EXE that should reside in the %SystemRoot%\System32 is the one from the original release of NT 4.0, 28,848 bytes dated the first few days of August, 1996. If the date or size is different, expand it from the CD-ROM.

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