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JSI Tip 0191 - Create a custom HOTFIX.


Installing and Removing HOTFIXes is a real pain as you have to reboot. Dealing with multiple HOTFIXes is more that I can suffer. You can create a custom HOTFIX that combines multiple fixes and thus limit your down time. This is a natural extension of tip 156. Here's how:

1. Create a directory that will contain your HOTFIX; i.e. md c:\SP3FIX

2. Download my sample combined hotfix.inf and unzip it to the directory you created in step 1.
   You can see from the COMMENT line at the bottom that this custom HOTFIX contains:
    Q143478 - oobfix_i
    Q168748 - javafixi
    Q154087 - lsa-fixi
    Q170510 - w32kfixi
    Q154174 - icmpfixi
    Q146965 - admnsymi
    Q154460 - chargeni

3. Starting with the earliest HOTFIX, expand it to a temporary directory. Type hotfixfilename.exe /x

It is important to observe date sequence so that you always use the latest version of duplicate files.

4.Copy all the files from the temporary directory except hotfix.inf and any *.dbg files to c:\SP3FIX.

5. Open both hotfix.infs and add the missing lines from the temorary\hotfix.inf to c:\SP3FIX\hotfix.inf.

6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each additional HOTFIX you wish to combine.

7. Search for HOTFIX_NUMBER="Q000001" in c:\SP3FIX\hotfix.inf and create a unique identifier for your custom fix.
   You must enclose your identifier in "" as in "Q000001".

8. You should amend the COMMENT= to document your fix.

9. Switch to the c:\SP3FIX directory and type hotfix.exe to install the HOTFIX.

10.If you want to remove the HOTFIX, change to the c:\SP3FIX directory, and type hotfix.exe -u.

Download a combined hotfix that I picked up from Compuserve on 24-Feb-98 that contains the GETADMIN, IDE, IIS, JOYSTICK, LM, LSA, NDIS, ROLL-UP, SAG, SCSI, TEARDROP2, WAN, AND SRV fixes.

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