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JSI Tip 0187 - Where is my last Last Known Good?

The following Value entries of the Select subkey define the meaning of a ControlSet: (all are type REG_DWORD and have a range of 0xN where N is a ControlSet)


Identifies a control set set from which the CurrentControlSet subkey is derived.
If this value is 0x1, the subkey producing the CurrentControlSet is ControlSet001.

The default control set. If this value is 0x1, the default control set is ControlSet001.

The control set that was last rejected and replaced with a LastKnownGood control set.

The last control set that successfully started the system.


If ReportBootOk    (type REG_SZ) at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

is set to 0, a LastKnownGood ControlSet will not be created. A string value of 1 is the normal setting.

To prevent LastKnownGood selection at a Kiosk, set the LastKnownGood to 0 and set ReportBootOk to 0.

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