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JSI Tip 0183 - How do I pause a busy share?

If you have a very active share and need to disconnect users to do some maintenance, you could:

• Disconnect the share in Server Manager - but users can reconnect.
• You could delete the share - but you have to reset permissions when you recreate it.

I use either of the following methods:

1. Locally, I disconnect the users from the share in Server Manager and set the number of connections to 1, which I consume with the following batch file:

    net share %1 /users:1
    net use z: /delete
    net use z: \\%2\%1 /persistent:NO

    where %1 is the ShareName and %2 is the ServerName.

    When I am finished, I use:

    net use Z: /delete
    net share %1 /unlimited

2. If the entire process must be scripted or run remotely,
    I use the following batch with the Resource Kit RMTSHARE and PERMCOPY:

    permcopy \\%1 %2 \\ServerName DummyShare
    net send %1 /DOMAIN "%2 is temporarily out of service."
    rmtshare \\%1\%2 /delete

    ... other stuff ...

    rmtshare \\%1\%2=%3 /unlimited
    permcopy \\ServerName DummyShare \\%1 %2
    net send %1 /DOMAIN "%2 is now available."

    Where %1 is the Server, %2 is the ShareName and %3 is the Drive:\Path

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