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JSI Tip 0169 - Sneaky hidden drive mapping for everyone.

If your Schedule service runs under the SYSTEM account (mine does as I use OpalisRobot for scheduling), and you have the resource kit, you can map drive letters to hidden shares which will be available to every local user of the Windows NT computer. The drive mapping is valid until deleted by the SYSTEM account or until you reboot. Here is a way to establish the mapping at each boot:

• Establish the hidden shares that you wish to map and assign permissions as in normal shares.
• Install AUTOEXNT (see tip 006).
• Add Drive:\Reskit\soon.exe 30 Drive:\Directory\sneak.bat to AUTOEXNT.BAT
• Create sneak.bat. Hear is a sample:
    net use DriveLetter1: /delete /y
    net use DriveLetter1: \\Server\Share1$
    net use DriveLetter2: /delete /y
    net use DriveLetter2: \\Server\Share2$
• Add DependOnService entries (see tip 069) as follows:

Service DependOnService (each entry on a separate line)
Spooler LanmanWorkstation, LanmanServer, LmHosts
NetLogon LanmanWorkstation, LanmanServer, LmHosts, Spooler
Schedule NetLogon
AutoExNT    Schedule

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