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JSI Tip 0131 - Reported SP3 bugs.

NOTE:It is best to uninstall SP2 or SP3 prior to an update install. If you have RAS installed you must uninstall the SP. If you can not uninstall, then:
expand <cd-rom>:\i386\tcpip.sy_ %systemroot%\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys prior to doing the update install. The note is also applicable to installing RAS after SP2/SP3.

Be sure to check for POST-SP3 HOTFIXes at

DR7NT4.EXE corrects the Devices and/or Services applet crash under NT4, caused by either Corel Draw 7 (for which it was released) AND Ventura 7.

If you have Control Panel problems, try expanding "cfgmgr32.dll" and "setupapi.dll" from your NT CD to \%SystemRoot%\System32.

Paul Rush wrote: "I am currently running NT4, SP3, with a Matrox Millenium video card successfully at True Color. I had a problem initially after installing SP3 (solved, as you recommend, by stepping back to 16.7M), but all cleared up after installing the most recent Matrox v2.51 driver and v3.06 driver."

If Corel Ventura 7 is installed (before or after SP3), the Devices Applet stops working.

New DNS hotfix posted 11-Jun-1997

Todd Weiss - Technical Director - May Tag & Label, submitted this one:

The following bug list is being maintained by Jeff Asselin / Compuserve WUGNET Wizop:


»There are many reports again of problems in SERVICES.EXE, RPC server problems, which necessitate a clean reinstall to be cleared out. It seems installing new drivers can cause this problem, but under what circumnstances it's unknown. Recommendation is to uninstall SP3, install or uninstall software/hardware and then reinstall SP3 (not confirmed).

»There are also some timing problems with Adaptec 2940 SCSI cards, mostly with the older rev cards. We suggest you get firmware updates to clear it out (confirmed).

»There's also a problem removing or possibly using McAfee Virusscan 3.0, be careful, and uninstall SP3 before removing McAfee (confirmed).

»General bugs:

»SP3 (and other Service Packs too, the problem has only surfaced more this time) can possibly cause or increase corruption of your registry, possibly in the Registry ACLs (Access Control Lists) as well as the hardware and SAM keys, especially if your NT4 install is an upgrade to previous versions and/or betas of NT. This corruption can disable some Control Panel applets (Devices, Services), cause problems with new drivers and possibly other bugs we've so far attributed to "unknown causes" (confirmed, solution is to rebuild the registry, i.e. install clean).

»It also seems to install the MP kernel on SP machines erroneously (not an SP3-specific problem, solution is to edit the %windir%\Repair\Setup.log, replace the reference to NTKRNLMP.EXE with NTOSKRNL.EXE in SETUP.LOG prior to the SP install).

»There seems to also be a problem with the spooler on some systems (confirmed, solution is to replace IMAGEHLP.DLL with the original one).

»Software bugs:

»It breaks IE 3.02 and Netscape 4 beta java if you have a Matrox, #9, or Graphics Xpression video card running at truecolor color depth (confirmed, solution is to install the JAVAFIXI.EXE hotfix in lib 2 or to drop back to 16.7m colors).

»There's a memory leak in the new ASP.DLL introduced in SP3 (IIS Active Server Pages), which is slow but can cause problems (confirmed, solution is to install the ASPFIX.EXE hotfix in lib 2).

»Regclean 4.1: I don't recommend using it, but you can correct the SP3 problem by changing the ACLs in the registry for the software and ControlSet keys (confirmed).

»It seems to break a proxy server software called Hummingbird Socks, a SOCKS4 server (confirmed, solution is to get the SOCK4REG.EXE update).

»There are also reports of a slowdown with MAPI (not confirmed, but I've seen it myself, no solution).

»Win95 workstations can't connect to NT Servers/workstations if they also connect to Netware stations with IPX. (confirmed, solution is to unbind the IPX protocol from the MS Client on the stations).

»The Starfish Software Internet Utilities' Internet Meter crashes NT w/SP3 (confirmed, solution is to uninstall it before installing SP3).

»Double clicking on a shape in (32-bit) Visio 4.5 no longer enters text edit mode, as well as zooming in on the shape (confirmed, no solution).

»If you are using's BIND DNS 4.9.5 then performance monitor will not work anymore (not confirmed, no solution).

»Hardware bugs:

»SP3 also breaks the HP Laserjet 5si drivers (confirmed, solution is to delete "hp5simui.dll and hp5sim.dll" from the "spool\drivers\w32x86\#" directory and replace these files with the ones from the HP install CD, where # is the number attributed to this printer).

»It appears to break the Epson written printer drivers for the 800 series printers (confirmed, no solution). From [email protected]:
Go to and get the latest driver for NT 4.0 Go to "Start", "Settings". "Printers" Delete any and all Epson 800 printers. Run the "setup" from the new Epson 800 driver to reinstall the printer. After the driver has been updated, it seems you can install SP3 over the top of the new driver without problems.

»Running with a Matrox card at True Color can also lock up NT (confirmed, solution is also to drop back to 16.7M).

»There's also a problem with ATAPI.SYS on some system, it seems it takes over some I/O range that is used by the floppy and QIC117 drivers (confirmed, solution is to replace it with the original one).

»I also have a report of SP3 mixing drive letters on a SCSI systems (not confirmed, no solution).

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