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JSI Tip 0100 - Alter a login script based on group membership.

If you are not ready to implement a login script processor like Kix95 (from the resource kit), you can use a simple exe in your current script. ifmember (also from the resource kit) allows you to test for membership in one or more groups. Here is an example:

\\SERVER\NETLOGON\ifmember "Accountants" "Accounts Payable"
REM 0=none, 1=one of the groups, 2 =two of the listed groups
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto apac%errorlevel%
\\SERVER\NETLOGON\ifmember "Sales"
If NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto common
net use s: \\ServerName\Sales$ /persistent:no
goto common
REM Either a member of Accountants or Accounts Payable
\\SERVER\NETLOGON\ifmember "Accountants"
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto acct
net use x: \\ServerName\ap$ /persistent:no
goto sales
net use y: \\ServerName\acct$ /persistent:no
goto sales
REM Membership in both Accountants and A/P
net use x: \\ServerName\ap$ /persistent:no
net use z: \\ServerName\accctap$ /persistent:no
goto acct
net use h: /home

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