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Ickiest Job in Systems Administration.

Without a doubt, trawling the proxy logs to figure out which of your co-workers are looking at nudie-nasties is the sysadmin equivalent of cleaning the septic tank. Suddenly, whether you like it or not, you know everyone’s dirty secrets. Although this sounds like a great basis for stories to tell your mates at the pub, it is not fun when you have to explain to your supervisor that his supervisor is looking at stuff that defies polite description. You don’t want that conversation and your manager doesn’t want that conversation. Enforcing the company acceptable use policy is easy when the person getting fingered is Arnold the Intern, but a little trickier when the culprit is Charles the CFO.


Although company dogma is that nobody is above the law and that politics is irrelevant, any sysadmin worth their salt knows exactly which end of the stick they are holding when this job lands in their lap.

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