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Hmmm, Football or Desperate Housewives?

Why choose? LSI Logic has introduced a single-chip media processor featuring dual-stream encoding capabilities for DVD recorders equipped with hard disks. The new DMN-8653 is LSI's third-generation DVD-recorder system processor. It boasts a 35 percent increase in speed over the company's previous-generation processor, running as fast as 200MHz. The processor offers consumer OEMs a cost-effective way to add simultaneous digital recording of two TV programs in DVD recorders or personal video recorders (PVRs) with a dual tuner. The processor also provides full-duplex time shift on live TV, a feature that lets you program pause, rewind, or fast-forward to live television in the foreground while recording another channel in the background. OEM systems using the DMN-8653 can eliminate the second MPEG-2 audio/video encoder chip currently used in dual-tuner HDD/DVD recorders. LSI's video encoding supports multiple formats, including MPEG-1, -2, and -4 formats, as well as DivX-certified encoding

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