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Get Your Command-Line Utilities Here!

Finding cool Windows utilities is now easier than ever. Here's where you can discover just about all of them.

  • The base OS—The most well-known and obvious tools are included with the OS, and the built-in Help files can typically guide you through their use.
  • The Support Tools—The product CD-ROM contains the standard troubleshooting tools that all advanced administrators use.
  • The Microsoft Download Center (—This site is Microsoft's portal for all things downloadable. Also available at this location are the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP (
  • The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit, which you can also access at the Microsoft Download Center (—Here's where you can find just about every other Windows tool.
  • Various third-party Web sites—Last but certainly not least are freeware or shareware utilities from non-Microsoft sources. You can reach Sysinternals at, and you can obtain AdFind and AdMod at
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