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Exam Hints: Kludgy Answers That Get The Job Done

One trick that exam authors use is to provide one answer that will get the job done, but do so in a very round about way and another answer that would normally do the job, but would rely upon the exam taker's unconscious assumptions.

For example:

Mick is to be given a laptop which h ll use to log on to the domain at work. At work, Mick logs on using the account MickyJ. Mick will be taking the same laptop home each night and weekend. Mick needs to do something at home that requires that he has local administrator privileges on the laptop.

Two options are presented.

The first: Add the MickyJ account to the local administrators group.
The second: Create a local user account named MickyJHome. Add this account to the local administrators group.

In some cases (when logon caching is enabled) the first will work. In all cases the second option will work.

If presented with such a situation - always chose the case which will always work and try to figure out the instances where a solution might not work.

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