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Alienware Invades the Living Room

Alienware announced its DHS 2 Series media center system, which delivers the options and features of a DVD player and recorder, CD player and recorder, digital video recording (DVR) unit, FM tuner, CD jukebox, and high-performance PC. Equipped with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, the Alienware DHS 2 Series system can replace nearly every home entertainment device in your living room. In addition, you can share all DHS 2 Series content with other TVs in the home, through the use of Microsoft’s Media Center Extender devices.

You can customize the DHS 2 Series media center system with up to 4GB of low-latency DDR 400 SDRAM and up to 250GB of storage packed in a low-profile, VCR-size design that seamlessly integrates into any home entertainment area. The unit includes the option of using dual standard-definition TV tuners (letting you record two shows at once) and optional built-in Wireless G technology. Designed to work with your existing equipment, the DHS 2 features standard A/V connectors so that you can use the same cables you already own.

The DHS 2 Series media center system starts at $1399. For more information, contact Alienware at 800-254-3692.

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