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Bill Gates Releases Bugs Into the Wild

A surprisingly amusing post from the good folks at PC World...

Bill Gates was at it again this week: Releasing bugs into the wild. "Not only poor people should experience this," the Microsoft founder said as he opened a jar containing mosquitoes during a talk Wednesday at the Technology Entertainment Design conference in Long Beach, California. The stunt drove many of the Technorati gathered right to their Twitter pages.

The Microsoft founder was trying to drive home the serious threat malaria poses to the impoverished masses around the world. Malaria is a virus transmitted through mosquito bites and is most prevalent in Africa and South East Asia.

While some may have fled the room during Gates' stunt, I have it on good authority that most Mac users remained in the room, confident the mosquitoes would have no effect on them.

LOL. Good stuff. Thanks to Trinity for the link. :)

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