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Bad Windows Update, bad

And if I could hit you on the snout with a rolled-up newspaper, I would.

I get home from Ireland and my desktop PC is asking to install an important update. It's called "Update for Windows Live Photo Gallery (KB 955359)." Now, I do use Windows Live Photo Gallery and I am, of course, an admitted install nut, so this is my type of update. Problem is, it won't install. Why? Because it's asking for ... get this ... the Windows Live Photo Gallery "disk" per the following screenshot:

So. I don't see anything about this on the Web (though there are some confusingly similar posts regarding Windows Photo Gallery). I don't have a disk. I guess I could find the local copy of the Windows Live Photo Gallery installer EXE. But ... what the heck? How would an average PC user ever solve this?

Related: KB955359, which apparently applies to Windows XP, not Vista. Sigh.

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