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JSI Tip 1344. Differential/Incremental Exchange Server Backup error.

When you perform a Differential or Incremental backup of your Exchange Server, you receive one of the following:

   Unable to attach to \\<ServerName>\Microsoft Exchange Directory.

   Unable to attach to \\<ServerName>\Microsoft Exchange Information Store.
These errors can be caused by:

- You have never performed a Full Backup


- Database Circular Logging is enabled.

Use the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program to select the Exchange Server you want to backup.
Click File / Properties / Advanced tab and clear Database circular logging for Directory and Information Store

After you perform a Full Backup, you will be able to run a Differential and/or Incremental backup.

NOTE: Circular Logging causes the Exchange Server to overwrite the transaction logs, preventing the logs from being replayed after a restore.

NOTE: SBS enables Circular Logging by default.

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