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JSI Tip 0013 - Scheduling a Backup.

NT has a built in scheduling service. To use it with network access, define a user account with all the permissions and rights you want the schedule service to have. It must be a member of the Administrators group and have the right to log on as a batch job and as a service (advanced rights). It must have a non-blank, non-expiring password.
In control panel/services, locate the scheduler service and change the startup to use this account. Set it to logon automatically. Now stop and restart the service. In a DOS window (Command prompt), type AT /? This is the syntax for scheduling. Here is an example on how to schedule a backup.

1. Using any text editor, such as Notepad, create a command file (MYBACKUP.CMD) to perform the commands to backup the requested files. (You must use full path names for every file and program.)

The following example would back up all files on the C: drive, replacing any files currently on the tape, label the backup set "My Backup Files", backup the local registry, and log all backup information to C:\BACKUP.LOG:

Drive:\WinNT\system32\ntbackup backup c: /D "My Backup Files" /B /L "c:\backup.log"

NOTE: For additional information on available NTBACKUP options, search Windows NT Help for NTBACKUP.

2. Using the AT command, schedule the command file (MYBACKUP.CMD) to run when desired. The following AT command will schedule MYBACKUP.CMD to execute at 11:00 P.M. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

AT 23:00 /interactive /every:M,W,F cmd.exe /c "Drive:\Directory\MYBACKUP.CMD"

See tip 238.

Check out OpalisRobot from my catalog page for a robust event based scheduler (Click the icon in the Opalis table to learn about OpalisRobot and to download a free eval. Contact us for a temporary key if you wish to conduct a full evaluation).

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