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JSI Tip 3086. How do I rename an account in the Active Directory?

The Rename allows you to change any of the following:

 Common Name (CN),
 aka directory object name.
 The LDAP name of the object, as stored in the AD.
 Full name
 The combined first and last name, by default.
 User logon name
 The User Principal Name (UPN), <UserName>@<Domain Name>.
 User logon name (before Windows 2000)
 The NetBIOS style user name, <Domain Name>\<UserName>.

If you select an account and press Rename, only the CN of the object in the AD is changed. You are then presented with a Rename User dialog which allows you to change the First name, Last name, Full name, User logon name and User logon name (Pre-Windows 2000).

To only change a User logon name, right-click the account and press Properties. Select the Account tab and make the appropriate changes. Press OK and close the dialog.

See tip 2997.

See tip 2751.

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